Pitch Perfect Lawns – Terms and Conditions

Pitch Perfect Lawns – providing Lawn care services in Perthshire, Tayside & Fife for 15+ years.
Our products are safe for children and animals.

Once you have instructed us to start treating your lawn, we will call or leave a message advising when we will be applying the relevant treatment.

Our treatments are flexible

We adjust the contents to match the requirements of your lawn and weather. Our treatment programs include herbicide for weed control, Fertilisers containing nitrogen for growth, phosphorous and potassium for root development and two moss control applications per year.

In the spring & summer treatments we use herbicides for weed control and fertilisers for growth – In the autumn we use moss control and fertiliser for more root development and in the winter we use moss control and iron to help the grass withstand the harsh conditions.

You do not have to be in as long as we have access to the gardens and lawns.

We will treat the lawns and leave an invoice. Please pay the invoice using your customer reference within 14 days by credit/debit card, on line or by sending a cheque to the address on the invoice.
We usually leave a calling card advising if your lawn requires any additional work other than the seasonal treatments. We will not do any additional work unless you contact us to obtain a price for the additional work and give us your permission to proceed or book the work in for a later date.

If for some reason we cannot get access to treat all of your lawns we may treat the front and leave a calling card and invoice – please call the office to make a new appointment so that we can return the treat the rear lawn. We cannot be too specific with the time of our appointments as each call can take longer than anticipated if the customer requires more of our time than we originally planned.

Cutting lawns

Do not cut your lawn for at least 3 days after we have applied our treatments. Do not cut your grass too short – the drier the weather the longer you should keep your grass. Never cut it less than 1 “high and never cut off more than 1/3 of the grass length at any one time.


We base our prices on the products used and the area to be covered. Each application contains more than one product treatment – herbicide and fertiliser in the spring and summer – moss control and fertiliser in the autumn and winter treatments.

How long before I see an improvement?

Weeds are 70 % water & can take 15 – 20 days to die- larger weeds may leave a dead carcass – most small weeds just dry out and decompose after treating. Weeds that are deep rooted and have been in the lawn for months may need a few applications over the months to completely eradicate. The fertiliser will improve the colour of grass after 4- 5 days. Fertilisers and herbicides work quicker in wet warm weather.

If weeds do not show signs of dying after more than 14 days call us and we will return to retreat.

If conditions are cold and/or dry, the weeds will take longer to die.
We can use herbicides in damp conditions by using a latex sticker to make the herbicide rainfast.

Weeds will start to decompose after 4/5 days so do not let rabbits and tortoises eat the decaying weeds

There is no such thing as a weed free lawn.  Applications of herbicide in the spring and the summer should give you a 90 % weed free lawn. When we apply herbicide it will only control those weeds & clover present at the time of the application. Weed seeds buried in the ground or airborne seeds will start to germinate after the application of herbicide. If you still have healthy weeds after 14 days please call us and we will re- treat them as long as we are contacted within 21 days of the original treatment. Please do not call us after 5-6 weeks and expect us to retreat your lawn!

Autumn and winter moss treatments/control will turn the moss brown/black as it dies, dead moss or thatch will not decompose, preventing new grass and encouraging moss to return. Dead moss must be raked out or scarified and the bare areas sown with grass seed. Scarification removes dead moss and thatch but makes your lawn very bare. We would recommend that you plan to have it scarified when there is plenty of wet warm weather forecast, we do not agree with scarifying in the winter.

Differences in scarification

Light scarification – the machine would go over your lawn in one direction and the moss and thatch removed would be bagged up.
Full Scarification & aeration –the machine would go up and across your lawn to remove more moss and thatch and we also aerate /spike your lawn. Customer should cut their grass before we scarify – short grass means we can remove more moss.

If you let your lawn develop lots of moss than it may take longer to recover. Pitch Perfect Lawns cannot be responsible if your lawn has lots of moss and requires heavy scarification and consequently will look bare for several weeks /months. We can sow seed but cannot be responsible for it to germinate. Any scarified lawn will require a minimum 8 weeks of wet warm weather to recover.

Timing of scarification

The ideal time to scarify is the Spring as the grass begins to grow, also in the Autumn as there is still heat in the ground and weeds have stopped seeding. We will scarify whenever the customers wants us too if required but not in winter or the dry of summer. All waste will be put into bags and left on the customers property or taken away if required. We are charged if we take the waste to a landfill site and have to pass on those charges to the customer if they want the waste taken away.

Sowing seed

Grass seed can be sown and providing we have wet warm weather it will slowly germinate. Covering the seed with top dressing or soil will protect it from birds and drying out and will give it a better chance of germination. Certain top dressings also feed the soil.
Seed requires 3 things, good soil contact – warmth and constant moisture. Seed needs to be kept moist for at least 24 days for it to have chance of germinating.
The customer must check the seed is kept moist. Pitch Perfect Lawns cannot control the weather and consequently the customer has to bear the risk that the weather will not co operate and seed may not germinate. It is up to the customer to make sure the seed is kept moist for 24 days. If the seed dries out or the ground temperature drops then seed will not germinate. We cannot guarantee warm wet weather or return every day to water the seed.

Watering lawns

If we have dry weather or cold windy weather for more than 14 days then you should consider watering the lawn. Do not water every day as this will keep the surface moist.
It is better to heavily water once a week. Use a jam jar with a line marked 2 inches from the bottom and place in under the sprinkler until it is full. Then move the jar and repeat the process.

Wetting agents help the lawn make the best use of all available moisture in the ground during dry weather. They do not stop lawns going brown in droughts but help grass become more drought tolerant.

Leather jacket (crane fly larvae) Chaffer grubs, worms and ants. We use the relevant pesticide to control these insect nuisances. All new lawns may be susceptible to damage from (leather jackets). Pesticides used for controlling Leather Jackets and Chaffer grubs have now been removed from the market.

Time taken to treat lawns “it does not take you long to apply some of your treatments.”

We are professionals and can do things a lot quicker than the amateur gardener. The time we take to treat your lawn does not reflect the preparation already carried out before we travel to your property.
Our price includes -buying professional equipment -mixing products in our depot – time and vehicle /fuel costs to and from your property-producing an invoice- processing the payment.

Aeration and spiking of your lawn to relieve compaction.

Heavy clay soils become compacted and will require aeration often. We get a lot of rain in Scotland so to reduce moss growth and compaction you should Aerate often.

Diseases and fungus.

Brown Patches can be caused by animal urine- your grass developing a turf disease or fungus- cutting your grass too short – or cutting your grass in dry weather or before a period of hot sunny weather. Most brown patches can usually be cured by spiking the soil and watering, often we use Seaweed extract.  If that does not work please call us and we can call and apply a fungicide as required.

Moles – are attracted by worms –Starting and leaving the mower run for about 30 mins each day for 2 / 3 days on the area where the mole is active. Or we can apply a treatment to encourage the worms to “move away” and the mole will look for food elsewhere. Catching or killing moles does not remove the food source which attracts the moles in the first place.

Laying lawns fresh turf and artificial turf.

Please be aware that if we supply you with turf and or lay turf for you it remains the property of Pitch Perfect Lawns until it is paid for in full. Turf requires watering once laid.

Payment Terms.

Payment should be made in full within 14 days. Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.