Lawn Aeration

Soil, particularly heavy clay soils has a tendency to compact. The soil particles get pushed closer together by heavy rainfall or traffic on the surface making it difficult for moisture and gases essential for grass development to flow freely back and forth through the soil to the roots and surface leading to poor root development. Poorly developed roots -lead to weak grass and poor drought and disease tolerance.

Compacted ground can have serious consequences for any lawn but can be cured by simply aerating the soil. Pitch Perfect Lawns can easily aerate your lawn and relieve compaction. We have professional aerating machines that move across the lawn surface punching metal spikes 2- 3 inches into the ground making hundreds of small holes in the lawn. The spikes can be hollow to enable them to pull a soil core out of the ground which helps remove troublesome thatch as well as aerating the ground. We also have an aerating machine called a Fracture Tine Aerator that has 5in blades with a twist in them. This is good for lawns that are very compacted and have a lot of traffic. We have found good results by alternating them yearly.  Lawns should be regularly aerated to ensure that the grass roots are healthy and can develop.

Due to the volume of rain we get in Scotland, for a large part of the year the lawn’s surface remains damp and compacted, moss in particular loves these conditions. Aeration helps alleviate the compaction and gives the surface better drainage and in turn can reduce the growth of moss. We now recommend some type of aeration once a year.

Heavy soils will become compacted and need to be hollow tine aerated to reduce the effects of the compaction in the soil and can be top dressed with a 70 % sand loam mix to improve soil ventilation once every 3 – 4 years.

Our Lawn Aeration Service covers Perth, Dundee and Fife and is highly effective in keeping your lawn healthy.

With no contracts to sign our lawn treatment programmes start from as little as £20 per treatment.