Lawn Overseeding

Grass plants do not live forever they deteriorate and their rate of reproduction slows down. Mature lawns often have areas of weak thin grass which allows moss and weeds to colonise the lawn.

The best defence against weeds and moss is thick healthy grass sward. New seed should be regularly introduced into all lawns to replace the ageing plants. If you want your lawn to stay thick and dense then over seeding at least once every 3 years is desirable.

Over seeding with a variety of different seed species can be carried out in the early Spring and Autumn particularly after you have scarified, aerated or top dressed your lawn.

Grass Seed Germination

Pitch Perfect Lawns avoid sowing in extremes of temperature. Seed requires a ground temperature above 8c to germinate, shoots need several weeks without frost to survive.

Grass seed requires 3 conditions; good soil contact, warmth and moisture. The spring and autumn are ideal germination times. Hot dry weather is bad as is cold wet weather. Wet and warm are the best conditions for seed germination and grass growth! Select seed that contains a broad selection of grass species. Aerating or spiking the lawn will assist seed germination. Pitch Perfect Lawns can provide a rejuvenation process of overseeding, aerating, and top dressing services to help you develop a healthy thick lawn.

With no contracts to sign our lawn treatment programmes start from as little as £20 per treatment.