Weed Spraying

Weeds are quick to colonise any space in your lawn and quickly become a nuisance spoiling the appearance of any lawn.

Off the Shelf Weed Killers do help to control weeds but unless the conditions for weed colonisation and growth are treated they will be back!

Domestic & Commercial Weed Spraying

We can treat problem weed areas around your property or on commercial sites.

Our ‘Cheaper Than DIY’ Weed Killing Service

Our Weed Killing Service doesn’t just treat the weed growth but also tackles the conditions which promote that growth, and as experts in our field we can devise a weed control plan that goes on working where other treatments fail, saving you the endless cost off self application.

Common weeds that Pitch Perfect Lawns eradicate and protect against are:

Japanese KnotweedDandelionsSpeedwell
Field Wood RushCouch GrassYarrow
Mares Tail (Horsetail)Nettles And BramblesRagwort
Ground ElderBindweedStinging Nettles

Our Lawn Weed Spraying treatments are Quick, Affordable, & Highly Effective.

With no contracts to sign our lawn treatment programmes start from as little as £20 per treatment.