Moss Control

Pitch Perfect Lawns have a great track record killing and controlling moss in our customer’s lawns. The products we use are very efficient but safe and should be combined with scarifying, aeration, top dressing and over seeding in chronic cases.

Moss is the most common problem we have with lawns. The mild damp autumns and winters are ideal for moss growth. Moss becomes established if grass growth is reduced and weak. It is essential to ensure the grass has the appropriate fertiliser to ensure vigorous healthy growth particularly in the spring and autumn, Cutting the grass too short will weaken grass as will insufficient watering in dry spells. Moss thrives and quickly develops where grass is weak. Weeds are easy to control, moss is slightly more difficult and requires regular attention. Strong healthy grass receiving regular applications of lawn care resists moss better than under nourished lawns.

Moss is not a weed. It does not put down roots but spreads across any damp surface. Nutrients in the soil dissolve in damp conditions and are absorbed by moss. Moss is spread by air borne spores in the spring and autumn and will thrive and spread colonising large areas of your lawn if left untreated.

Treatment is simple and straight forward for Pitch Perfect Lawns. We successfully control moss in the majority of our lawns using our efficient moss control products. Please remember that the products we use are not easily available to the public or general gardeners. Moss control the Pitch Perfect Lawn way is simple and effective with the moss showing signs of dying just hours after treatment.

With no contracts to sign our lawn treatment programmes start from as little as £20 per treatment.