Lawn Care Cycle

Pitch Perfect Lawns provide a seasonal Lawn care Cycle to protect and develop your lawn throughout the year.

Spring: February To May

After the distress Winter imposes on our lawns, Spring becomes a key season in caring for them, helping to ensure a healthy lawn all year round.

Healthy Spring growth is a key stage in the long term development of a healthy lawn.

Summer: May to July

Summer gives the perfect opportunity to maintain your healthy lawn. Ensure it has plenty of water during the dryer days and do not over-mow your lawn in hot weather.

AutumnLate August to November

This is a vital time to use the last months of the growing season to prepare your lawn for the stresses of Winter. This preparation should improve the health of your lawn right through Winter, into the following Spring and beyond ensuring your lawn stays healthy over the winter and is in good condition ready for the spring.

WinterNovember to February

The rigours of Winter can potentially have a detrimental effect on your lawn. You must try to rest the lawn as much as possible during this time, particularly avoiding it when wet or frosty. Ensure leaves and debris are removed regularly.